Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Science Discovery Bag

goggles and flasks
The "Science Discovery Bag" is a way to give your students an opportunity to explore the many curiosities of the scientific world.

In the Discovery Bag, your students will find various books that explain how to do a simple Science experiment with items that are used in their household. Their family will assist them in choosing one experiment and practicing the experiment at home. Then they will fill-out the "Lab Report" in the Lab Book (located in the Discovery Bag). Each student receives a special scientific apron (he/she can color) and scientist glasses. These items become keepsakes after the experiment is performed.

Each scientist keeps the bag for two days. When taken home on Monday, he/she will return it Wednesday. A new scientist is selected on Wednesday and the bag is returned Friday. Scientists wear the special apron and scientist glasses when they present the experiment to the class.

Contents of the Science Discovery Bag
  • 1 science apron
  • 1 science apron
  • 1 bag of markers (use to color apron)
  • 1 pair of scientist glasses
  • 1 bottle of glue (use to make glasses)
  • 1 "Famous First Grade Scientists" Journal (lab reports inside)
  • 1 copy of 365 Simple Science Experiments
  • 1 copy of 365 More Simple Science Experiments
  • 1 copy of Super Science Concoctions
Student Scientist
***Science aprons & scientist glasses were purchased from Oriental Trading.***

**Clear backpacks can be found at Lakeshore Learning**


365 Simple Science Experiments Book Science Kids Super Science Concoctions
Click on the "scientists" to obtain the Lab Report
Happy Experimenting!

Miss Sterczek
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