Monday, June 6, 2011

Mystery Readers

Detective kids
Mystery Readers
Every month, I invite a Morton faculty or staff member to visit our classroom and read a story to the students. He/she is called the "Mystery Reader". Before the "Mystery Reader" arrives, I share three clues about him/her. The students make a prediction based on these clues.

The purpose of this activity is to allow students to become acquainted with various members of the faculty and staff. Most important, it shows students the "Mystery Reader" values reading. Students begin to realize that in addition to their family, friends, and teacher, others also want them to be motivated and successful readers. The importance of reading is emphasized.

Once the "Mystery Reader" has completed the story, he/she chooses several students to choose a "story wand" (Lakeshore Learning product). The student reads the question and answers it.

I take a picture of each "Mystery Reader" and create a wall outside my classroom to honor them. See for yourself!

Notepads with questionmarksMystery Readers WallNotepads with questionmarks

Will you start your school year with a
"Mystery Reader"?

Miss Sterczek

Lakeshore Learning Materials  Story Wand picture


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  1. I do this too! I have had "famous" people come in too. It shows them that people from the community also read and care about them. We had a Twins player and the MN Viking Cheerleaders come to read to our class. I like the wand idea at the end. I've always just had the kids ask the Mystery Reader questions about their clues.